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We bring over 40 years experience working in the areas of leadership and team performance.  Providing customized solutions centered around people and performance.  Providing opportunities for leaders, individuals, and teams to leverage their strengths, productively address conflict, effectively manage change,  and operate from a place of authenticity to achieve optimum results.


Solution: Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

  • Strengthening goals, roles and responsibilities to ensure clarity in how each  individual fits into the team and larger mission. Identify and align the key actions and behaviors necessary for success.
  • Facilitate and refine development of mission, vision, value proposition and  align all stakeholders, increasing engagement, optimum use of resources and enhanced delivery of services.

Core problem in organizations: Fully engaging each and every member in the team’s mission and assuring role clarity and line of sight to their personal impact on success.

Our Organizational Effectiveness Toolkit

Solution:  Customized Team Based Workshops & Programs:

  • Xcelerate Performance through People– Custom designed sessions focused on rapidly developing and aligning teams.  Individual members learn about their strengths, motives, talents and abilities and discover how to best integrate and interact with one another to achieve high performance.
  • Xpedite Dialogue: From Conflict to Communication–  Sessions aimed at understanding the motivations driving individuals actions & behaviors during times of stress and conflict.  Recognize conflict triggers and learn strategies to successfully open up dialogue and develop productive ways to address issues to quickly  re-align and produce quality work.
  • Xperiential Workshops: Performance Plus–  Hands on customized, learn by doing sessions focused on addressing real world issues, challenges and opportunities identified.  These sessions allow for improved problem solving, communication and collaboration while examining the key behaviors that help or hinder a teams progress.

Core problem for teams:  fully leveraging diverse talents to rapidly and effectively solve complex problems together, make high quality decisions, challenge the status quo while increasing engagement and personal accountability.

Our Team Toolkit

Our Leader Toolkit

Solution: Coaching 

  • UniquelyU is coaching designed to bring out clarity, confidence and authenticity,  helping clients discover their strengths, passions and talents while working through limiting beliefs, barriers to success and other potential and actual derailers.  Our process facilitates the powerful shifts necessary to reach goals.

Core problem for entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals:  Fully recognizing, valuing and leveraging strengths in themselves and maximizing their gifts and talents.  Knowing clearly the actions and efforts that will lead to solid results and having a safe environment to explore past actions and impact and obtain high quality feedback for necessary changes.

Our Coaching Toolkit

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